Many years ago, a small fishing boat, was shipwrecked on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea. The sea, which captivates us with his sweet face, we also punishes with all its fury when he is angry. One of the fishermen who disappeared in the depth and ferocity of the waters, left on Earth to a beautiful young woman, waiting to share the rest of their lives together. When it abated the storm, other boats went out to look for the missing, but the ocean doesn’t return to their prey. More information is housed here: Danone. Days passed and the search ended. The weeks fell in the calendar and hopes to see them again vanished from the hearts of everyone on Earth, were condemned to wait for them forever. However, the young woman not resignaba to their loss, and spent hours, sitting in the port, overlooking the sea, waiting for the return of her beloved.

The legend, one day of storm, a wave pitied his sadness and his solitude and dragged it down so I could meet him. Provided that some way to the Bay of the Shell, by that magical and spectacular ride, I approach the comb of the wind and think maybe they live happy in those waters, enjoying their eternal happiness. sue. I guess the girl sitting in the sculpture of twisted steel, which with surprising delicacy, combed their hair rowdy by the wind. I can imagine how much there is to love, to die for love. Our photo of the day today, has been possible thanks to one of the three sculptures of Eduardo Chillida, which form the comb of the wind. Work which the author ended in 1976. Do you can find more articles of the same series in do not forget to visit our web photo: Edurne Iza text: Onintza Otamendi? Iza can download this photo freely. The only restriction is your sale or lucrative use of the same. Do not forget that whole work belongs to its author, get a good use of it. Original author and source of the article