Portuguese Algarveflughafen Faro

We advise you to take your mobile system from home. Despite good signs you can engage more in the country. 1 stage, target: Faro the most Algarvetouristen will land on the single Portuguese Algarveflughafen Faro. What unfortunately neglected during the trips in the holiday resorts, is the fact that the city has a small but beautiful old town. On the city gate to the old city, most Stork couple nesting in summer. The gate is the last remnant of the declining until the 11th century fortress.

In the Centre of the old town is the Cathedral of Faro. At the Cathedral, you will find a beautiful cloister, as well as a mosaic, which dates back to the 3rd century (Roman period). In the new town of Faro is the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of bones) among the main attraction. Thousands of bones decorate the walls and make the place a somewhat uncanny spiritual place. (Stay: we propose 45 minutes) Faro > Albufeira – 46 mph 0:45 ride time / 5 Euro 2.

destination: Albufeira Albufeira is the main holiday resort in the Algarve. Granted, he is strong in British tourist hands, but also German tourists along this place as a holiday home control. When you reach this place, you should try Following their car in one of the Centre car park to park. Albufeira tourism began in the 1950s. Now, he is the largest holiday resort in the Algarve. Your explore trip should run first to the vantage point at the eastern end of the main beach. Take escalators easily one of the most famous postcards of Albufeira. Then we advise you to stroll the white alleyways along. The city is very clean and retains its charm in the old town. It also offers good opportunities to buy souvenirs, gifts and port wine. Of particular interest is the rock-face path which provides you with a wide range of views of the beaches and the coastline.