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At present, China s economic development in the industrialization of the mid-side, the pace of economic development is concerned, there may be 5 to 10 years or so will finish the road to industrialization. In the process of industrialization. mining machinery such as service area, sand washing machine, including infrastructure, there must be both a big development, which is the history of mining machinery industry opportunities. Miners who moved towards the location inside the 1820s and 1830s small wasted time in constructing shelters. Some just burrowed into hillsides, earning the nickname badgers miners holes.

The tools and techniques involved in lead mining in these early many years were relatively simple and inexpensive, allowing lucky miners to strike it wealthy with little personal expense. The Crater of Diamonds has changed hands several times over the years and several unsuccessful attempts have been made at commercial mining. All such ventures are shrouded in mystery, and lawsuits, lack of money and fires are among the reasons for these failures suspected. The mine was operated privately, and later as a tourist attraction, from 1952 to 1972. The world market for mining equipment is projected to climb 8.5% annually through 2015 to $92 billion. Demand will be stimulated by a pickup in mining output growth as global manufacturing activity and construction expenditures accelerate in a generally favourable economic climate.he crushed materials are of equal size, thus reducing circulating load.

Commodity prices are also expected to remain high by historical standards, contributing to a rise in resource exploration and development activity, and associated mining machinery sales. The market for mining machinery used in mining operations, which accounts for the largest share of world metals salts, is projected to expand at the strongest pace through 2015, spurred by price-driven increases in resource exploration and mine development activity. Hongxing have all the staff with outstanding expertise, commitment and know-how technology, making all the effort to provide practical, cost-effective solutions for the mining industries all over the world. Our products are mainly including crushing, grinding and screening machines, vibrating screen and feeder, etc. And Hongxing has installed thousands of mining machinery in Russia, Hongxing mining equipment has been proven the most favorite equipment by customer in Russia and all over the world. The surface of crushing chamber is covered with wear-resisting high manganese steel lining plate. Size of discharging hole can be adjusted hydraulically or manually.