Methodology is about the bibliographical article revision, extracted of dates the Scielo, and LILACS. The sample had been gotten through periodic articles, and to other references found by means of direct search. Resulted the health professional, the nurse in particular that he must carry through SAE, and provide humanized attendance you the patient. Professional The of the health must exert its to paper in the control of pain, has responsibility in the disgnostic evaluation, the intervention and monitorizao of the results of the treatment, in the communication of the information on the pain of the patient. The research shows that the education in nursing this not preparing its nurses will be the handling of pain. that the professionals had had you develop evaluation methods you determines the elements that can justify pain, suffering and the incapacity, you select the impact of pain in the life of the individual.

Considerations end when we speak in pain, we have trend in associating with psychic and social phenomenon. Crucial Perhaps the point you improve the handling of pain will be the nurses is stimulating each teams lives the theoretical and practical knowledge, carrying through of an evaluation unprovided of preconceptions and taboos, developing in the professionals the magnitude of pain, the reorientation the assistance model in to order you promote in this multiprofessional team you the adjusted formation, raising the Sustainability of the attention you pain. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gen. David Goldfein and gain more knowledge.. Word-Key: Pain, Vital Fifth Signal, Assistance of Nursing. INTRODUCTION Since the primrdios of the humanity the man comes looking for to understand the causes of pain with the purpose to get rid itself of it. The primitive peoples understood pain from a moment that had some apparent injury, as cuts and wounds, to put did not identify the origin of internal pain. Rituals of magic I alliviate for it of pain were common at the beginning of the civilizations.