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The German health system count worldwide to the most powerful and just separation GKV and PKV, take care of the efficiencies in the system. The M + M insurance barometer 2011 the opinion of citizens, clearly shows: only 28.3 of the interviewed citizens perceive the existence of two competing health insurance systems as appropriate, the majority (48.0%), however, this does not consider useful. To make the existence of two competing health insurance systems in question is, shows also the statement by Wolfgang Greiner, Professor of health economics at the University of Bielefeld, the fact that currently only certain income or occupational groups have the possibility of private security, is extremely vulnerable and hampered a real competition between the systems.” This situation could be eliminated by the Elimination of the PKV. I think that the majority of the citizens were clearly reasonable it, if the choice of health insurance system would no longer be dependent on the level of their income”, as the expert. According to the majority critical attitude to the “current health insurance system is also the evaluation on the issue: there should be a distinction between statutory health insurance (GKV) and private health insurance (PKV) continue to in the future?” from. 6 out of 10 respondents are against separation, the rest in favour of them.

It is remarkable that even 41.4% of the PVK insured rejected a further separation. Insurance barometer M + M M + M published with the management + marketing consulting GmbH (Kassel) for the seventh time in a row a Benchmarkingstudie to customer orientation in the German insurance market. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and their interrelationships and effect relations are central investigation. Translation Software Market Size shines more light on the discussion. Contact and more information: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH Frank Opitz Dutch str. 198 34127 Kassel Tel: 0561-70979-17 fax: 0561-70979-18 M + M insurance barometer briefly In a representative survey will be legally since 2005 over 1,000 regularly and privately insured Citizens telephone based on their perception of the health insurance fund, in which they are currently insured, questioned.