Program For The 2nd Congress Of Energieautonome Published Municipalities

A wealth of information and impulses to the municipal energy revolution, Freiburg, 15.12.2011 – that is communes in Fribourg Congress program to the 2nd Congress of Energieautonome today online at available. From 27 to 29 March 2012 Konzerthaus discusses in the Freiburg again on the opportunities and challenges facing cities and communities that want to actively promote regional energy transformation. The first Congress in April 2011, attracted almost 250 visitors from the whole Federal territory and neighbouring countries and thus demonstrated the great interest in the issues surrounding the energy autonomy. Add to your understanding with Secretary of Agriculture. In the framework of the Congress start on the first day of three workshops offer the possibility to an afternoon long to deal intensively with individual topics. On the program to public relations and participation, as well as to the project of the Climate Alliance coaching municipal climate protection are workshops on contracting,”. Main Congress day, March 28, State Secretary Helmfried Meinel of the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of the environment is the energy agenda Green-and Red Government explain and then one year reign dare look back at what has been achieved so far. Mayor Gudrun Hay te-Bluhm from Lorrach, Mayor Anja Pfeiffer from Weilerbach and Mayor Reinhold Scheer from Simonswald will report what have already achieved for a single municipalities.

In four forums, the participants then have opportunity to get in-depth insights into various aspects of energy autonomy. So, the possibilities of civic participation in renewable-energy projects presented in Forum I and Forum II discussed the sustainable use of biomass. Dr. Karl Muller sower of the Agency ANNA speaks, for example about the prospects with alternative energy plants. Forum III presents the experiences and obstacles in the implementation of energy strategies and Forum IV the potential of wind energy use in South Germany. Here is among others Herbert Schwartz talk from experienced wind experts Office Anemos Jacob about the peculiarities of inland sites and try the experience of the past years to draw lessons for the future.