Property In North Cyprus Property

Northern Cyprus recently on the law acquires the status of "burning point". Resort island with an ideal environment, clear sea, untouched nature, where property prices are still among the lowest in Mediterranean region, is today a place close attention of investors. In a question-answer forum Jack Fusco was the first to reply. Of course, the first reason for buying property in Northern Cyprus remain low prices. Secretary of Agriculture shines more light on the discussion. An apartment in Northern Cyprus with sea or on the beach with a partially built-in furniture, is often included in the price of essential electrical appliances, you can buy for 60000 – 70000 dollars a villa with 3 bedrooms on the beach for the 140,000 – 150000 dollars. The Europeans, having a more reliable information about North Cyprus, were the first buyers of real estate this side of the island, the British remain the principal residents of the island. Today, during the peace negotiations between the governments Northern and Southern Cyprus to reunite the island, on the way to joining Northern Cyprus into the European Union, the trend of investing in real estate in this part of the island is visibly growing. And it is clear – whether you are investing capital in real estate for resale in the future, whether you buy a house for himself or for rent – The benefit is obvious in any case! Take Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, where prices increased by 2-3 times after joining the eu.

Rent real estate Northern Cyprus remains one of the main income of capital when buying property. Depending on the location and improvement of apartments or villas, monthly rent is between $ 700 and above. It is worth saying that such a same price for a rental for a week during the holiday season. The European Union has already committed millions of euros to develop the economy Sev. Cyprus, the money goes to infrastructure development. To all this should be added to the visa-free entry into the Northern Cyprus (opens visa on arrival at the airport) or arrive via South Cyprus, where a visa is placed at the border. Residence permit you practically guaranteed in the presence of property in Northern Cyprus. And, of course, The important factors are virtually no crime, friendly community, 300 days of sunshine, warm sea, clean environment.