Vadim just returned to his dream, or if you want the youthful dreams. And then there is no no mid-life crisis, this invention psychologists. In 40 – 45-year-old man, my entire adult life engaged in procuring their daily bread, a crisis of tactility and smell. Haptics – is primarily desire to lose skin with body and soul, and scents – it’s subconscious mental return to the carefree childhood, here also may include passion mature male oral sex. As one of my characters, men get older not so fast and so devastating, as women, so they (the wives and girlfriends) can not help a man find himself again, and that is why at this age men have the highest number of fatal infarcts. – Do not let the bad news. So why again Vadim and Laura? – The years went by and I suddenly realized that our work with them to travel unseen world were chaotic and not supported by sufficient knowledge of the nature and therefore, Vadim, Laura and I, along with us and the reader can easily fall into the trap of, say, malicious entities. So I thought it possible for her to refute some of his mystical “theories>>.

– So, your Nicodemus Paramonov so temperamentally rejects the fashionable books by Dan Brown? – Unfortunately, our time – a time of false theories and the prophets, who all his forces and with the help of the invisible nature of certain forces are trying to hide from the ordinary person the truth behind the ancient magical events. However, from a real vision of the Crucifixion, I do not deny, but perhaps this was the trap into which I have with Vadim, and Laura, landed, and those completed two novels as completed. – So, Vadim Nabokov, as you said, he returned to his youthful dreams of universal love, and you, as a writer, decided to make the situation worse, clearly hinting that his Katya Alien? – Oh, I do I beg you! Treat as you wish, it is beyond my competence. Besides, I saw this girl for a moment, but its image in the novel are very few correspond to a real person. As I said before, all my characters, mostly the fruit of my “warped>> imagination. – I counted in your novel five storylines. What is most important to you and important? – Everything! (Laughs). In fact, I always write only about the search for true love and her possible, I stress, a possible embodiment, in real life, the rest of the entourage.

Just for each individual, this love is expressed in different ways: someone has a love for a woman or a man, like Francesca, have someone as the poor man “by Rembrandt>> to the great artist and his painting, or like to theater and literature, etc. etc. How many people, so many incarnations of true love. The whole world is permeated with love, we just feel it and make the property of their soul.