Public Administration

Ol friends, Today I dispatched by post on a subject that makes it difficult the life of the suppliers of the Public Administration: the forma bill of sale. Vocs nor imagines how much this can impactar in its flow of box, depending on the value of the supply. After the had licitatrio process, the Administration emits the note of persistence for the accomplishment of the expenditure. Until this all we know there. He receives it to the supplier, of the o he has accepted, he emits the forma bill of sale and he delivers the material. There ' ' he saw crucis' ' for the act of receiving of the value he starts. With small variations of a place for another one, the material to the being received from the entrance in the warehouse of the public agency (provisory act of receiving). In this act, a certificate of material act of receiving (CRM) is glue in the verse of the forma bill of sale.

It goes for the skill, of form if to survey the product quality. The connoisseur (nor always he is the same that he receives the item) of the o its endorsement. Then the material is launched in its system, where at this moment he is accepted definitively. This item then is storaged and who it also storages signs the certificate. This forma bill of sale then is directed for its countable liquidation. Generally, at this moment already the financial resources for the payment are requested. The money arrives.

The banking order is emitted. It signs it to the manager and it moves the process. It arrives at the table of the Collator of Expenditures and what it happens: it of the account that the forma bill of sale is with incorrect fulfilling. asks soon if nobody saw this, when not esbraveja This, with 99% of possibilities to be certain, already it happened with all the managers of budgetary resources. The scene imagines: how much time already was transferred? But it does not have skill, the note will have to be corrected. In some cases, a correction letter decides the problem. In some others the forma bill of sale will have to be cancelled and emitted again. Of this form, a good suggestion for not transferring itself for this problem is to mount a check-list of verification of the forma bill of sale. Data as the persistence note, never date, count bank clerk for deposit, aliquot of taxes they could be neglected, incidences these that will have to diminish with the use of electronic the forma bill of sale. In case that they want to receive a model from verification check-list, they can send an email for, that I will have the biggest pleasure in sending what I use. Commentaries also are very well come. Good businesses. Tags: ,