Reflection On Gifts Christmas

We are in the era in which traders leverage to obtain revenues that have failed in the rest of the year. The Chinese learned how to write Merry Christmas and happy new year to all languages, to meet the global demand. Snow, pine trees and mosses are abundant in homes and shops, the tropics and the southern hemisphere, despite being in summer with high temperatures and lush vegetation. Responsible for buying gifts, are frustrated when they realize that may not please request an excited letter. They have to do wonders to get the budget to reach them for the whole family. Many times prefer to not give away, giving away little.

The recipients of gifts perhaps appreciate forced, unwanted or repeated gift. But there is something far more dangerous than the simple exchange of gifts, and when confused children, putting the price of the gift, with affection in the same scale. Many parents feel guilt for not being able to satisfy the wishes of their children, and are relieved when they transferred them guilt, by making them responsible for, with their behavior, how big or small of the present. Say them: If you don’t behave there will be no Christmas presents, if you don’t get good grades at school, and worst of all, is that this blackmail is made so that it reaches the budget or to have more resources for other expenses. The heartbreak is measured by the price of the gift. Strength should be taken to not let go by the commercial end of year tide and flood the environment with pleasant moments of family company, sincere and affectionate words which are the basis for all desires.