In the last months I made a retrospect of what I nailed and I taught in last the fifteen years in the five churches that I shepherded and the diverse others that I was invited to give, searching a wire conducting, that bound to my ministraes the one others. In this search, detailed and observing, I noticed that in almost all my messages, studies and lectures, I give to emphasis the relationary questions. I always say of the relationship of the man with God its Creator, Jesus Christ its Salvador and the Espirito Santo its Comforter. I also perceived, that treatment very of the relationship of the man with its next one, always describing and teaching as it must be this relationship and which its characteristics. I also say of redundant form of the relation of the man with the life and its good and bad, prosperous and adverse, happy and sad phases, bitter candies and. Thus I decided to use this space in the Internet to share values, principles, concepts, lies of life, experiences with internautas and to deal with a little this so complex subject that it is of RELATIONSHIPS. Subject that never is depleted and that all we are perpetual apprenticees, however always we have something of good for transmitting for the others on our personal experience.

To follow I speak in some phrases, in acrstico format, on as I believe that they must be our RELATIONSHIPS, sees if you identify yourself with what I write. R to eatar partnerships, to rethink linkings and bows with the people with who we involve in them. to streitar fraternais bows with the people with who we coexist. L iberdade to communicate itself frankly, without being censured by different ideas of the ones of the others. Mizades true must be cultivated, knowing that for being with human beings, they will not be perfect. C to onstruir fellowship in day-by-day, in the circumstances and events that we pass together. I emotional nteligncia to deal with the adversities of the life with optimism and hope. Rganizar itself in the life, having as basic bases the love, the faith and the hope in God.

N when accumulating hatred nor rancor in the heart, against people or facts that had harmed in them in the life. The sea unconditionally the people with words and attitudes and to develop this ability throughout the life. M to always edir the words that we go to speak, searching not to wound the people of our conviviality. to nfrentar the personal disagreements in brainstorming and does not ignore them, making of account that does not exist. N to adar against the rapids of the superficiality that took account of the after-modern society, when the subject is relationships. T to olerar the weaknesses of the people, remembering that we also have light and shades in our character. Lhar more the qualities of the people of what its defects and praise them instead of criticize them. S is possible to live this type of relationship with the aid of God. OBS: this article will be published in the site webartigos.