Restructure Way

Identify under the management, direction of the Facultadades and their respective schools to professionals, teachers, with guarantees academic, creative, innovative, democratic and participatory with proactive leadership, generators of change, who know the challenges and contribute to an environment own academic excellent universities. Institutions dynamically generate research proposals, solutions to major problems faced by communities, agencies that govern driving. Search as how to maintain a dynamic relationship with respect to state programs to provide help in training and development of its human resource. Select appropriate teachers are hired on the basis of academic endorsements, experience, skills, specifically define the profile of the university teachers now required to meet the requirements of the scenario in which it operates. Evaluate the features, performance, performance of the teaching staff in terms of results and make way for changes to rescue the educational level of agreement to knowledge, tools that this claim. To motivate the student community with academic units, meetings, research that will foster in their training and pass a new leadership Student Restructure the operation, effectiveness, graduate Areas, feedback weaknesses that currently exist in the content, teaching, research, requirements, regulations, Appoint professional proactive, creative, innovative, in charge of the Directorate of postgraduate in their respective fields, in order to generate more active involvement of these studies with the needs, requirements that the country needs for its various sectors.

Commit to graduate to be more proactive in their performance, to rescue its academic excellence and generate the changes required in many disciplines that favor the country. Follow others, such as Carrier, and add to your knowledge base. It takes a graduate to investigate, to publish their results, that their participation is more dynamic and above all, to rescue their academic Give way to graduate that are beneficial for the country, designing practical Contents related programs, new, to provide results in terms of development, achievement for Suing Venezuela. Fertilize their libraries, to update and improve computer services draw on the course e-learning, on-line which can incorporate the university with the demands of the knowledge society, new information technologies manage Restructure administrative systems and give way functional units more dynamic, less bureaucratic Define operating budget is more adapted to the reality financial resources management based on transparency, efficiency, hierarchy of needs Activation income receipts from services, the University can provide in different disciplines the various sectors of economic, political and social life. To initiate changes in income, that every faculty, with their respective school can be generated by services, lectures, projects, e-learning courses, on-line Institute a university clinic or hospital with various specialties we encourage in all its scope . Conclusions The new authorities should take a radical change to the way the university management has been handled in recent years, more committed to the turbulent reality of a scenario that the country faces, knowing well to manage your resources, make way for changes that generate positive results for a university that to be effective, achieve academic excellence requires changes in the university community where this more integrated, is the way to a proactive human resource, engaged, who knows really seize the opportunity granted. It requires a university academic support, with teachers engaged in research and cultivation of knowledge, a scientific research work, giving way to new structures that support institutes, a university proactive, conducive to the country..