River Tinto

With this, Brazilian colony is abandoned, the grace of invasions of other nations, especially French, that had started to extract wood-Brazil. Portugal when perceiving that &#039 could lose the territory; ' conquistado' ' for other nations, it looks a way to colonize it. Thus appearing in 1534 the System of Hereditary Captainships, that is, lots of land that were donated the donees who would have to populate them and cultivate them. In this direction, they had been distinguished the plantation of the sugar cane-of-sugar, the cotton, of the coffee, among others sorts. Amongst the fifteen (15) created captainships, we detach of donated Itamarac the Pero Lopes de Sousa, in which the current one Been of the Paraba is inserted. Its occupation was marked by conflicts between Portuguese and indians motivated for Frenchmen. The king of Portugal D. Joo III, worried about the successive attacks, establishes the Real Captainship of the Paraba in 1574, that he became been with the Announcement of the Republic in 15 of November of 1889.

With the sprouting of the State he also configures the creation of cities, between them Mamanguape (1635), as created in the state, that had to the good natural conditions were distinguished the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar, creation of some devices, between them the Device Laziness, that understands the current territory of River Tinto. The city of River Tinto was distinguished in the textile production, with the Fabric Plant River Tinto, that during decades was the producing greater of fabrics of Latin America. received the President from the Getlio Republic Vargas. However, it is also distinguished the fights of the laborers, who had all followed the mobilizations of Brazil in the decade of 60. SPACE We can consider the space as a social product that passes for diverse transformations and is used in many ways for the different ends. The man is main responsible for the production and the reproduction of this space, becoming it in a set of relations where if he presents as certification of a passed history of and gift, that is, the space if defines as a set of representative forms of social relations of the past and the gift.