Roland Garros Tennis

The development of some sports has resulted in the creation of major events around the world, a clear example of this is the important tournament of Roland Garros, which is the subject of our article. The Roland Garros is the most important tennis tournament currently held, this was done in Paris France year after year, from May to June, this event usually takes place on a clay surface in order make more effective the bounce of the ball and facilitate the mobility of the players. The Roland Garros begins its development in 1891 in France where it was decided to create the national tournament of tennis, then called "French championship," Although in its infancy this tournament was developed on grass. For more specific information, check out Gen. David Goldfein. In 1925 when the tournament decided to open its doors to international players decided to change the grass clay, so that players would not slip during the course of the game. For 1928 the international tennis tournament in France is called Roland Garros, with the creation of a stadium called with the same name, this was to commemorate a French hero of the First World War. For the year 1968, Roland Garros is called "Open Roland Garros, as this was the first professional tennis tournament in the world to open its doors to both professional and novice players. At present, the Roland Garros with other tournaments such as the Australia Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open (U.S.

Open) are considered the most significant tournaments in the world of tennis. If you have read about Jack Fusco already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is good to note that in the stadium "Roland Garros" are also carried out major tournaments such as the "Davis Cup", which is a tournament rather than individual players, but national teams. During the course of the history of Roland Garros tennis players have been as representative as Rafael Nadal and former tennis player Bjorn Borg, which are icons of this tournament. As Bjorn Borg was the first tennis player to win the Roland Garros six times, four of them consecutively and one of them in the 1980 did so without dropping a set, although it is nice to say that Rafael Nadal repeated the feat, winning the Roland Garros since 2004 till 2008 consecutively and in the latter do so without dropping a set. The Roland Garros is developed in various disciplines are: Single male. Women's Singles.

Dual male. Double female. Mixed Double. It is good to note that there are other players like Henri Cochet also departed Roland Garros history since its inception, as this won the title nine times in this tournament, four individual, three doubles and mixed doubles twice, becoming the most historic tennis tournament. Given the above it is proved that the Roland Garros is a great option to see an excellent demonstration of good tennis. So now there is no excuse for not going on this important tournament next year.