Russia Slate

A suspension pigments and fillers in a mixture of alkyd and acrylic aqueous dispersions with the addition of various adjuvants. The paint is made based on acrylic aqueous dispersions of high quality pigments, various functional dobavok.Obladaet high covering, weathering and lightfastness. Suitable for industrial and domestic painting slate and other asbestos products. Applied manually or by machine. Paint available in several basic colors colors: white, gray, brown, red oxide, black, green. Drying time: less than 1 hour.

Coverage: depends on the absorbency and the surface roughness. At normal surface of ink 150-200 g/m2. Paint "AKREM-SLATE" (JSC "Emlak", Russia) for the protection of matte paint finishes and asbestos slate, concrete surfaces, cement-sand tiles. Prevents fouling roof moss, lichens. It is recommended to apply 2 coats of paint. Expenses for a layer 1 10-130 g/m2.

Drying time 1 hour at +20 C. Available in green, red-brown, dark brown and other colors. "POLIFAN" mark on (The company "Polifan-L", Kolomna, Russia) paint provides a reliable and long-term protection of reinforced concrete, brick and stucco surfaces, as well as cement and particle board, asbestos cement products (Slate), curbs, etc. Weatherproof. The color scheme is determined by the demands of consumers and provides a wide range of applied pigments, both mineral and organic. Paint consumption 350-380 g/m2 with a two-layer applied to the newly painted surface and the thickness of the coating formed by 130-180 microns. "BHUTAN" – Water-borne paint (JSC "Mostermosteklo", Russia) is a composition of different types of latex mineral fillers, additives silicon-giving to paint water and frost, as well as excipients: emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives and so on. It is distinguished by high adhesion (Clutch) to brick, concrete, gas concrete, plaster, limestone and other surfaces. Gives the mat, wear-resistant, waterproof and cold-resistant, nonflammable, concealing minor surface defects coverage. Is environmentally friendly paint. Available in almost any color on request. Coverage: One layer: 100-150 g/m2. Drying time: 2-3 hours at an air temperature of +22 C. 18 About the prices of paints paint prices per square meter of slate differ quite significantly. Perhaps the most expensive painting turns slate paint "Kilp" (Tikkurila) – about 7.7 $ / m2. Paint ETER AKVA would cost about 2.2 $ / m2, "POLIFAN" om – 15.5 rub./m2 "AKRILAKMA-SLATE '- about 10 rub./m2 and "BHUTAN" om – about 5 rub./m2. Given that the cost of a sheet of slate in the range of 60-80 rubles / sheet, then covered the cost of slate roof and painted colors looks very attractive in comparison with many new roofing materials. And before the final installation of the roof truss system must use a means of Shashel