Sales Growth At WimbergerHaus

The Upper Austrian family business over a record year is pleased in the fiscal year 2009/2010. Contrary to the trend industry minus on total Austrian as well as upper-level WimbergerHaus accounted for the past fiscal year (1 March 2009 to 28 February 2010) positive. The turnover amounted to 26,686 million, almost 9% more than in the previous year. We are very proud and happy about the success. “for us, 2010 is a record year, it generated so far strongest sales of in company history” as Franz Wimberger. A total 230 new and 50 tags were realized in FY 2009/10 by the family-owned company.

This positive development is reflected not only in the figures, but also in the number of employees: since August of last year, there were 28 new hires, making the total number of employees has grown to 181 persons. Strong growth course 2010/2011 for the current 2010/2011 financial year, we expect an estimated Annual sales of more than 33 million, representing an increase of 25%, predicts Franz Wimberger. “The expectations are high, but due to the concept of success, security quality continuity ‘ quite realistic in times of crisis such as those now in the construction industry!” so Norbert Kaiser, Manager of WimbergerHaus. “Success factors of WimbergerHaus meets its customers in financially tense times with different savings: cost savings already in the construction phase, low energy consumption in the residential, as well as the possibility of land and House as a complete package, to satisfy the needs of the current House Builders ‘ best off. Since now half year WimbergerHaus offers one with alea”to a completely new form of housing: A House for the price of an apartment, which combines state of the art design, highest quality, energy efficiency and extremely low operating costs. Innovative concepts such as the prospects for the future alea”- House, ICH-construction-with” or House with reason “will continue to be gain in importance and follow the general trend towards costs and build a energy, environmentally aware and holistically aligned. Want to guarantee best quality at the best price this one of the essential keys to success by WimbergerHaus and certainly also for the industry as a whole is our customers”, says Franz Wimberger.