Shape Pile

And the force of swelling is that it is able to lift the building and to change its geometry. Exit here – a device deep foundations, which will be the sole below freezing. 4. Another important tip – set the foundation only on the compacted base. Soil compaction is necessary, otherwise over time is inevitable drawdown. For seals are used various ukatyvanie rollers, compaction rammers or vibration. 5.

Now a little theory. Consider the types of foundations. Strip foundation – the cheapest and fabricated type of foundation. He looks like a concrete or reinforced concrete "ribbon", which repeats the shape of the house and load-bearing walls. Strip foundation is best to build a heavy buildings. Pier foundation is also very common, represents a concrete piles, poles, which support the house in a few key points. Pier foundation is less expensive strip foundation. It is optimal to build a wooden frame houses and without basements and cellars on heaving soils in deep freeze.

A variety of columnar – pile foundations. Pile hammer in the bottom of the pit the whole area of future building – make pile field. Step between the piles on average – half to two meters. Then the bottom of the trench is filled completely with concrete. This foundation is recommended to arrange for peat, and soft soils and high groundwater. Pile foundation is A reliable and very expensive. Pile foundations are the most environmentally friendly on the impact on the soil landscape. Slab foundation is laid when the area heaving, heavy and sagging bottom. In this case, the pit under the house is completely filled with concrete. Laying the foundation of this kind requires a particularly high cost of metal and concrete and is suitable for homes without a basement. 6. Be sure to monitor every stage construction of the object. Check the foundation frame, if the valve did for welding – to make sure that there is no burnout.