The cost of a such a device are to quantify total with approximately 55 000 to 85 000 euros. These include in addition to the purchase of this product, the control computer and the necessary software. The life of approximately five to seven years and a maintenance is not necessary. Also during the installation of the devices, there are advantages and disadvantages, which are to be observed. These are mainly relevant when it comes to the order of the devices. This among other things depend on how big the content should be displayed. To read more click here: Jason Momoa. Under certain circumstances, multiple screens must be used for a wide representation.

This is possible both the cube and the LC display. LCD JST offers fixed mounts for the clustered installation in width and height adjustable display racks and on the walls. However, LCDs have usually a very wide case. The resulting bridge on the edge of the screen is often up to 4.5 cm wide. Secondary with a configuration of multiple devices and one above the other, so this value is doubled. The issue of the format is 16:9, which appears as an ellipse a circle, which will be shown, for example, has four screens, for example. Information won’t get lost here however. Recently but JST their so-called SlimLine LCD offers, which measure a bridge by only 1.4 to 2.2 cm in width by a narrower case.

The cubes that have only an outer frame are clearly at an advantage compared to the LCD. The transition to the device also installed seems only a narrow gap, so that the district be a multi-screen retains its shape. Will be a lot easier to ensure the clear overview. For more information, see