So Paulo State University

The repetitive crises in function of the phenomenon precipitation rain that we have attended in Brazil are, in fact, resulted of the combined meteorological 0 variable to the morfodinmicas conditions and of occupation that if finds that area, that hillside, but it has only generated bigger disasters and until the maledita caststrofe (by the way, almost always produced for the proper man), in function of the option politics ' ' sorteada' ' for that community or region. The existing clivagem is clamorous enters areas noblest, safer e, therefore, less sensible to random the climatic one, and the zones of periphery of the Brazilian cities, marked for the disordered and wild urbanization, notadamente those located in hillsides, marginal regions, fens and lixes. As studious of a small chapter of risks and natural catastrophes I cannot conceive that in full century XXI, with the human resources that we make use, tecnicidade of Brazilian engineering and its researchers, let us can see calamities of this magnitude to happen to our sights. I risk to say that the challenges of the engineering sponsored for the option planned, continuous and responsible politics, in spending more with the life of its Brazilians and Brazilians of the conditions to the modern man to cohabitar even though (with rationality) with the danger and not to be victim of it. It is known that the natural risks and its consequent catastrophes, in the developing countries, mainly are correlated to the sped up and not controlled urbanization, to the ambient degradation, the fragility of the capacity of reply and to the poverty. The combination of these factors is reckless. If the man of the antiquity saw the disaster as a dissatisfaction of deuses (or things of the demon); in full reckless century XXI or the demonic one it is still the fragility of the capacity of action and reply of the public power in generality, that not having necessarily culture in the subject, when not badly assisted or town for interests others (from there the perversity), adopt solutions that can until alliviating or postponing the accident, but do not obtain to prevent, to control or to prevent them.

The effect of tender the phenomena of the nature (with its increasing aleatoriedades and intensities)? infrastructure (geotcnica, sanitation/draining)? public administration, if badly lead or inexistent, will late generate early or announced tragedies. That God illuminates the heads of our controllers and if establishes a time for all, and of operative form, a sector that argues, of truth, in the current government, without passions, proper search of culprits of the past, and interests, the subject Disasters ' ' Naturais' ' in Brazil. Let us finish with the romantismo that in Brazil does not have accidents ' ' naturais' ' , God is Brazilian (that bobagem), that blessed land I still have hope that let us obtain to leave this crisis soon, finding our proper solutions, with stamp of security. Of the one to move. It has that to move. They are certain that the academy can in very contributing. That God blesses these families and brings comfort to its hearts. Geraldo de Freitas Maciel is civil engineer, university professor – So Paulo State University (Unesp), campus of Single Island. It acts in the area of Resources Hdricos and Mecnica of Fluids).