Social Drinking

Beer, unlike wine, democratic and inexpensive beverage. Free State "Neva-Da!" Fully supports this proposition, offering its guests the order of 14 beers. While the average European drinks 80 liters per year beer, a frequent guest neva Di! "several times more. Beer relieves stress, relaxes. It is no coincidence nerve Englishmen go into pubs, 2 times a week and consume at a time of 1, 5 – 2 liters of intoxicating drink. A guest bar Crossroad club "Neva-Da!" come to us more often. Besides beer, as well as other alcohol and rarely drink alone, which promotes active communication. That's why every disco turns into a burning event in the life of the club! Bartenders can only have time to substitute circles and open bottles.

Specialists distinguish between "male" and "female", "day" and "night" variety. Most women prefer a nice beer color with a nice low-foam, no bitter and not too sour (not more conscious of hops). Female varieties distinguished by its low strength, low density, low calorie. For the ladies – the German "Vartshtayner" or "Eders. A beer Grolsh – buttery, dense – for men. For the ladies – the German "Vartshtayner" or "Eders.

(Photo from) Do not be afraid that after drinking beer during the day, you pull of a dream: it does not happen, if you will choose the correct variety. Thus, imperfect (3,8 – 4,6%) "Tuborg" and "Pilsner" drink just a day to cheer and raise the tone. Easy to drink fresh wheat variety: "Bavaria" and "ECU". Day hops – is volatile. It will melt in 40 minutes, leaving a feeling of freshness. By day the beer should be apply light seafood, chips, nuts. That's all. Festivities begin with a light lager varieties. Their best drink of beer glasses. Now in vogue small containers in which beer is no time to warm up. Another thing – late evening. This while the darker, denser, stronger varieties. While porters and stouts. Dark "Tuborg" and Bavarian beer, 6 "(" Porter ") and ale, as well as, Brandy Beer Bishops Finger" plus catchy music and you're not aware of the cargo day problems and troubles. Around only friends and club drive! Buttery beer Grolsh "for men (Photo from). Denser concentrated beer is served with a good snack. It is believed that not a lot of strong beer drink, because it involves a long conversation. To prolong the pleasure you can before dark beer submit Amber – amber, red beer, which will prepare you for the darker varieties. Or cook a beer cocktail "Tuborg" – "Tuborg" (dark and light). Cocktail is best suited circles. Russia has traditionally preferred liter containers. If your companion loves exoticism – Treat his "Roman" two-liter mug. Clock bartenders do not depart from bar: open and pour the beer. And socialize, and dance and drink beer at the club "Neva-Da"!