Something Very Big Will Happen

Henry David Thoreau: Blessed is the mortal who does not lose a moment of fugitive life in remembering the past. Yes, something very big will happen when the clock strikes twelve and we change our day. Even in seasons when in addition to day change month and year. Swarmed by offers, Secretary of Agriculture is currently assessing future choices. And what will happen? A long list of facts and events may occur over a period of three hundred sixty-five days and it is normal that the faith lead us to be optimistic but it is right also that everyone make their own predictions. Peter and John are two characters in my neighborhood. Peter is optimistic and always look on the positive side of things. Friends have not hesitated to seek nickname: call it the dreamer.

John, on the other hand, is pragmatic and realistic; Sometimes it reaches the end of the negativism and its calculations about the morning sometimes are apocalyptic. The friends you already have nickname: call it the spoilers. According to the way in which John sees the matter the next will be a beautiful year in which again you leave the Sun for everyone and will shine by as for the here and the there; God will be with open arms waiting for their children recognize its magnificence and infinite mercy; you have roses in the garden of the blacksmith born sunflowers on the balcony of the employer; the morning birds singing is heard in the green forest and the murmur of the waters will realize that the river has life and delivers its waters to the sea so that the sea, along with the Sun, causing rain and rain recreate life. It will be a time in which strong and loving hands worked the land so don’t miss the bread on the table; children smile and his melodious voice decide the most beautiful words in the language: dad, MOM, God, love. The cool breeze from the Northeast will cherish the faces of humanity and good will have a new opportunity to stop irreversible and definitive victory over evil.

Peter, of course, is not so optimistic. According to his predictions 2007 will be another year in which the barrels of rifles vomit burning elfuelo and a murderer who will planted hatreds and reap lives. It will be one year of lies disguised as truths and made-up or disguised as half truths. One time in which war erased the panorama when all white doves of peace and will put in place the deep scar of the disaster and the terrifying and deafening noise of fratricidal fighting. It will be, in his view, one more year in which will win the elections that have more money to buy more consciences and more tricks and tricks to embaucara gullible and unsuspecting voters. A year in which the misery will reach more households and poverty will be permanent of a greater number of families hosting. One more year in which evil will find a way, a situation or a crisis to defeat the good or, at least, an excuse to declare victory. I don’t know if you think like Peter, the dreamer or as John, the spoilers.In any case, allow me to express the wish that this year Dios open about his life the window of the Heaven for which it plentiful peace, hope, love and prosperity.