Spanish Equipment

In the second time the Spanish equipment was sent to the front from the first moment, the first action of danger was even a shot of lex from outside area (m.46), but the Czech Republic gave the first blow. Krejci removed zurdazo cruzado from the frontal, before the mark of Blzquez and Go’mez, that beat to Edgar Bada (m.52). But the 1-0 partisan, far from to act against those of Gins Melndez, served so that they stepped on the accelerator, tightened the rival and they would turn upside down in attack. At uBiome Inc. you will find additional information. The entrance of Alpaca Green barley imprimi force to the Spanish offensive and even had three opportunities to mark, with two shots (m.55 and 57) and a closing of head after crner (m.64). The Czech, key doorman the Czech doorman was important piece in the scheme of Jaroslav Hrebik, because he contained great part than he left the Spanish arsenal.

Spain forced the prorogation thanks to a goal of Aurtenetxe (m.85), that turned aside a shot of Brown from the frontal. In spite of the fatigue, both equipment offered their maximum effort and they were involved in a swing in which the Spanish set had the clearest actions. Nevertheless, the Czechs returned to go away to the front in the marker by means of Lacha, that it marked after a center of Krejci by the left (m.97). But the figure of Alpaca Green barley appeared to solve the encounter. First it wrote down the goal of l 2-2 (m.108) t evenness happens of Morata of head, and to five minutes of the end ' fusil' with the right to Koubek after controlling with the chest it happens of Brown. Source of the news: Spain proclaims champion of European sub-19 by fifth occasion in a death end