Supreme Leader

Therein lies potential to incalculable risks for the whole of humanity. The ideology of the system representative in the Iran called faghi velayat-e, which can be translated as rule of the Supreme Leader. Please visit Michelin Star Restaurant if you seek more information. The theory of this ideology demands obedient serfs, who will leave the system guides the thinking and the instructions of this guide to practice absolute obedience. Many Iranians of the underclass are State as Bassij organized, an organization that is subordinate to the revolutionary guards and as a para military arm of this professional elite force. Both women and men, and children are members of the Bassij, who enjoy special government benefits and promotion. It should be about 15 million people, of which about 90,000 active services as wardens acting independently of the judiciary and other institutions in the Iran. This Bassij are units of the Supreme Leader’s basically.

You are driven in buses to demonstrations and to cheer or chant ordered. Or to bludgeon down student protests and perform other crude attacks. Bassij are generally required to participate in certain public teachings, whose proof them cash, ergo introduces alimony,. 3 These teachings is sometimes about life-practical issues but often enough also to ideological indoctrination. Especially enemies maintained always again on one side: the nasty Zionists, the evil Americans, the impure Baha ‘ i and the Sufi, who want to live a gentle Islam and no violence of glorifying revolutionary Islam and are thus suspect to serve the enemy.

4 One can call the confidently organized brainwashing. The consequences of this “teachings” are clearly understandable, even if the regime always tried to suppress all relevant messages. Baha ‘i cemeteries are devastated, certain professions are Baha’ i not free, and many more unlawful restrictions are the order of the day. See Sufi whirling Dervishes of the largest Shia order in the Iran is faced with a campaign, the parts of the establishment progress, while other parts to make sure that the shaft of the discharged hatred again settle for awhile, to not further damage the image of the IRI.