Sustainable Development

To integrate educating in the way means to leave to discover it that it can become subject in history. (VESENTINI, J.W, 2008, p, 15) and she is this practical that we go to try to always exemplificar in our work, looking for not ready answers and yes investigations in relation to each subject and problem, having the education of geography as main investigator of the questions to be boarded. 5. THE SOCIOCONSTRUTIVISMO IN THE EDUCATION OF THE TERM SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. In this part we will not affirm that other methods of education are maleficent or retrograde, but that for the learning of the term in question it practises and it partner-space it would be an exit for one better agreement. With the difficulty demonstration and exemplificao of the term Sustainable Development, that does not possess a conceptual materialization. We have that to elaborate and to examine a method for the reflection of the same. Searching an agreement of the Sustainable Development we come across with the sociocosntrutivista perspective: Denomination proceeding from the studies of Vygotsky (1896-1934)? it conceives education as a intentional intervention in the intellectual, social and affective processes of the pupil, searching its conscientious and active relation with the knowledge objectives .

(CAVALCANTE, 2002 p, 31). In view of that the socioconstrutivista learning, if internally initiates with stimulatons and external influences, we will be able to display a new boarding for the term. From this point we go to identify the paper of each involved agent in education in a socioconstrutivista perspective, agent these: Professors, Pupils and School. 5.1 The paper of the professor and geography in Socioconstrutivista education. The professor has a preponderant paper in this perspective, not as detainer of knowing, but yes as mediating knowing of them, therefore the knowledge does not exist and yes the intrinsic diverse knowledge in mago of the pupils, where the professor has that to search the questionings for its lesson with one he practises not directive.