Swarovski Ceilings

Is it possible to have a starry sky in any weather and at any time of year, above their heads round the clock? It seems that this is unlikely, however, today during various Nutehnology proves anyone can afford a home to have this little miracle. A piece of sky. Does not it sound intriguing? Starry sky – a kind of symbol of infinity and the unknown. So where do get to my house, or rather to its ceiling of this treasured edge of heaven? What do you know about the stretch ceilings, simulating the starry sky? You may ask, from which they are made? Polyvinyl Chloride – safety in an environmentally sound manner and amazingly durable material. Its water and not to scare and the fire can stand. Stretch ceiling is installed is not really long. This invention was known in ancient Rome, and later acquired its modern form in France.

Therefore, it is French stretch Ceilings first of its kind appeared on the world market. I am sure will be curious about some details of the device stretch ceiling 'starry sky'. With its inner side is held lighting. As a decorative stars used dazzling crystals' from Swarovski. " As a result, when light strikes the fine crystals embedded in the fabric, creating the effect of the night sky. It is also possible to give the volume of the starry sky. For this outward displays of fiber optic lighting. All this makes us the desired effect.

You are free to design the size of its sky: it may be a separate section in the middle of the ceiling, it can be the entire ceiling, or some part of it. The rest of the installation of stretch ceilings starry sky is the same as the installation of conventional suspended ceilings. The only difference is the complexity of summing up the lighting to your starlit sky. Russian suspended ceilings also have found their niche in our market, but the clear leader yet to be French manufacturers. Excellent quality and largest assortment of French firms. Therefore, the French stretch ceilings in Moscow on the right are extremely popular.