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Dark Rift

By | May 22, 2017

No any special forces in the galactic plane or the galactic center. The only important forces affecting the Earth, are the gravity of the Sun and the Moon. With respect to the influence of the galactic plane, there is nothing special about the location of Earth in this plane. The last time Earth was in […]

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By | January 3, 2017

In the passive memory of man are absolutely all the words of all languages which he knows or when – ever heard, but not always able to recall them. In other words, we are talking about situations where you want to say something, especially in a foreign language, but can not recall a particular word. […]

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By | May 21, 2016

The task of the coach at such events do not teach, and act as a moderator, who will create a special working conditions in which Participants are to come to conclusions and formulate solutions, topical exactly for this organization and family members involved in the situation meropriyatii.Novaya and special techniques to allow participants to escape […]

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Northern Germany

By | January 30, 2015

Scandinavian languages is called a subgroup of the northern Germanic languages, which belong to the Indo-European language family. These include the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese, which we consider in this article. Scandinavian languages group are different from other German teams next linguistic and grammatical features, as well as differences in the sound system. […]

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Case Technology Education

By | July 21, 2014

Part-time form – this version of the evening training. Percentage of students' independent work when it is used as compared to full-time students increases significantly. Consequently, increased need for help and support of students in these activities. Electronic training aids can act at the same time as a practical guide students' independent work. Moreover, systematization […]

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National Institute

By | March 1, 2014

The norms possess commitments with these principles, therefore they establish the rules of procedure how much to the treatment to be given to the measurements, to the systems, the methods, the devices, and the processes of measurement in order to take care of the minimum requirements of guarantee the metrolgica trustworthiness 19. The standardization and […]

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Stanford University

By | November 12, 2013

Scientists believe that it is not far off the time when the Arctic basin will be completely freed of ice in the summer season. The Arctic as a stability factor for the climate of the planet is also unique catalyst. The reduction of Arctic sea ice leads to an additional global warming and the greenhouse […]

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Conflicts Report

By | November 8, 2013

In the absence of uniform rules, regulatory issues of authorship, it is advisable to carefully read the requirements of a particular journal in which you plan to publish the proceedings of the study. 4. Conflicts of interest Conflicts of Terms interest may be obvious or implicit, but in any case they are able to influence […]

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Learning English

By | October 13, 2013

That's where the real language practice. Difficult? Well, who said it would be easy? When Thus, you get triple results: You are learning English, while still receiving wages, and, among other things, you have a wonderful opportunity to rest abroad, see different countries and to expand its horizons. By the way it is, perhaps, one […]

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Professor Hamilton Werneck

By | October 15, 2012

Problems these, on also to the social structure (or socioeconmico and politician), with the absence of politics of municipal matrix for the question in successive government. LDB 9394/96, defines that ' ' The infantile Education is of responsibility of municpios' '. However what it is perceived in many cities is a total indifference for this […]

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