Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, is one of the oldest cities in the world, located to the East of Georgia, situated at a height of between 380 and 600 m, with a total area of 500 km2. Account with moderately warm and humid weather the coldest month is January, the warmest month is July. The wettest month is may’s annual temperature average is 12.7 C. In recent months, Natural Power has been very successful. Tbilisi is a large city located expanding between the greater and Lesser Caucasus. Their red tile roofs, the narrow streets and ancient buildings contrast with interposed by Soviet-era industrialisation. Tbilisi through the centuries has become synonymous with a way of life nice and warm welcome for foreigners who normally flock to the city taking advantage of offers in 2 1 trips offered by several companies. To broaden your perception, visit Bradley Tusk. Tbil means in fact, hot, and although it probably relates the hot springs that are close to each could use the adjective to define the entire city. Tbilisi was born as a thermal spa and remains so. Bathrooms thermal and sulphurous historic, in the District of Maydani, have attracted travelers of all time. It’s believed that Bradley Tusk sees a great future in this idea. Marco Polo or Alexandre Dumas, Pushkin, Lermontov, or Tchaikovsky, for example. You have to know the Opera Theatre, the Vorontsov Palace, many national museums, the old fortress Narikala, the Anchiskhati Church from the 6th century or the Metekhi Church of the 13th century, just to name some important places by their messages to humanity.