The City Of King David Discovered Another Sensational Find

The City of King David discovered another sensational discovery now in the City of King David, Givati parking on site, excavations carried out in which various treasures found. In particular, in late December was found a marble statue's head, whose age is 1800 years, once it has been used as weights. They also found an impressive treasure, which consisted of 264 gold coins, about the same time, and gold earrings, inlaid with precious gems and well-preserved. According to the director of excavations by Dr. Doron Ben Ami and Yana Chekhanovits known Israeli experts in the field of antiquity, the statuette is made on a high level, the details worked out carefully: it's short, curly beard, and slightly tilted to the right head. In all of this was influenced by Greece, and judging by their appearance, it can be attributed to the Roman period II-III centuries. Mr. e., when the Roman sculpture reached its peak).

The pale-yellow marble, from which was carved figurine indicates its eastern origin, probably Asia Minor, it is important to note that, of course, all These findings still need a final inspection. Figurines in appearance suggests that it portrays an athlete, probably pugilists. Fist fights were very popular in ancient Rome, as the nobles, and a simple people, which was repeatedly mentioned Roman authors. According to Dr. Ben-Ami, and Ms. Chekhanovits such artifacts made of marble, other varieties of stones, as well as the Bronze Age has been found in different parts of the country.

These exhibits also related to the period of the Roman Empire. One of these specimens of bronze is now in the Berlin National Museum. City of David, which is three thousand years ago King David blessed, as the capital of Israel, now known as Jerusalem, located on a hilltop. A deep underground hiding some of his most spectacular archaeological finds. On the surface, the same city is full of life – Visitor Centre invites many visitors to an unforgettable tour of the places where he wrote many biblical stories. The tour included viewing the gallery Warren, ancient water systems such as Hezekiah tunnel and pool time First Temple.