The Difference

They are many questions, but each one knows the answers, it is up to you to find them. It may sound a little strong, but the ends help us to take awareness and I assure you that it is an excellent exercise. What about Exchange rate of your life if for some reason you knew that you could die in four or five days? How would you be with yourself? You’d better think before answering? What advice you give to your children? What would you do with your body? Would you accept you as you are? You leave work a little to spend more time with your loved ones or resting? Ask forgiveness to someone? You agradecerias someone? You seguirias fighting with that person that you cause every day? Exchange your attitude to life? What would you do? Think again, it is not money or accept anything because someone could die, but to be fair and take control of your actions. Pay attention to the reactions that you provoke when you talk or discutes with someone, then analyzes a moment that was what happened. Obviously it is very comfortable to leave that others deal with our lives, but is it what you want? I am changing many things in my life and I assure you that I am wrong doing, the difference is that with awareness of what I do, I can learn and guess I’m much more happy.