The Feelings

Although all people have a need for intimacy as well as after independence, women on the former are fixed, men on the latter. As an early warning system in men often into force as soon as they feel patronized by women. Suggestions from women, with “we do not want that”, “Let’s” initiated, are often used as command of men that they feel restricted in their freedom and independence. The woman is confused and surprised, because she had tried with their introduction to include the partner, and make a proposal to grant no command. The female early warning system more activated in reversed cases: often men replace the binding, rather female discharges, direct do express their intentions. “I’m doing now…”, what most frequently the question “are you doing with?” implies. Women feel often excluded. Communication difficulties in the partnership are an equally common problem: the silent man, plappernde woman.

For women, it is often an important kind of relationship consolidation, to talk with their partners about the important and unimportant events of everyday life. You want to tell about themselves, and are granted access to the everyday life of their partners, through the release of daily events and the feelings associated. The private silence of their partners is one for them Disappointment. Vice versa is a violation of their privacy for the men often when women “too much drill”. You want to keep the mundane events of the day itself and thus retain a sense of independence.

For them it isn’t about relationship consolidation. The intimacy of the relationship is their partner for them by the mere presence. You mostly prefer “public” response. For them the performance of anecdotes, jokes, communication their skills their possessions and their knowledge in larger groups is often a means for the preservation of independence and the status negotiations. Having learned this form of communication since early childhood, they use it sometimes in the private sector.