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It is difficult to explain the satisfaction it feels when they write us followers of our columns. People making follow-up of our work week. We are linked to several spaces on the internet and one of this is ArticuloZ, a specialized space in the publication of opinion pieces. Not all people who read our column make it through the website. Recently we wrote from Bahia Blanca, Argentina, a lady who has known our work through article Z; She told us that we had written: the wonderful world of rice, the culinary richness of the Pope and told us, missing write the flour to cover the three most important foods of mankind. We review previous deliveries, reaching the conclusion that the lady was right, so today we will write about flour.

Certainly the three most important foods of mankind are: rice, potatoes and flour, which is an ingredient base of important food preparations. We will concentrate our focus on the two most important flours: wheat flour and corn flour. Learn more at: Danone. In this installment we will begin the series of columns on the first, leaving for subsequent deliveries analysis of cornmeal flour named after Europe and its name originates from latin farina. Gets various Cereal flours, wheat flour being the most important, essential element in the production of the bread, the pasta, savoury dishes and desserts. Flour is a fine powder that is obtained from the grinding of grain, between mill stones or steel wheels, well be driven by animal force or natural forces such as wind. Currently the grinding process is done with machines electric, although small, manual or electric mills are also found. For even more analysis, hear from Shenkman Capital. There is a great variety of flours including whole wheat flour: dark flour obtained from the grinding of the grain of wheat with all their cellulosic shells (shells); Graham flour: wholemeal flour with a higher percentage of saved: corn flour: obtained from the grinding of the corn kernels; rye flour: is most often used in baking flour, after the wheat.

He is very poor in gluten, for that reason is necessary to mix it with wheat flour, to achieve a good fermentation process. Finally the flours of soybean, rice, oats, millet, durum or hard wheat and barley which like rye flour must be complemented by a percentage of wheat flour to knead them and achieve formation of gluten. The flour is chemically composed of starch: main element that allows the fermentation; gluten: is the element that gives elasticity to the masses; sugars: element that helps the yeast to transform carbon dioxide; oils and fats: items located in germ in the shell of the grain of wheat; minerals or ash: elements that reduces the purity of flour, so to a lesser extent, higher purity; vitamins: contains vitamins B1, B2, PP and E. A vital information is the classification of the flour of wheat, since according to this, we will use the flour three zeros (000): in the preparation of breads, which by its high content of proteins, allows the formation of gluten and will get a good proofing and flour four zeros (0000): used in bread mold, in pastry, chocolate milkshake of cakes and pastries, etc the recipe of the week is the Quisadilla of rice flourdessert of El Salvador, we learned to prepare recently. Next week we will continue with this series of articles on flour: the flour converted into bread. Until soon friends. Write to us at or contact us at our website: original author and source of the article.