The Good Life

It more or less weighty … that’s the only truth. A bit of luck you have little to know value and quality of life, be clear that in Dublin we live well and be happy. I, for one example close, I am. Today was a hard day at the Cantina where I work. We had a visit from the supervisor and that my manager has made as Valentino Rossi’s bike. Today was the day I chose to say that due to a very good job offer in Spain, I have to leave the Cantina. Their reaction has been good. It’s a good person and he told me that if I should, which is delighted for me. Then the conversation in another direction has been derived quite different.Nobody asks questions … because I could not find a reason to justify an enormous ball … I try to play as closely as possible my conversation with the manager … CONVERSATION SINPULSO: Manager: Well and that is that work Chito: Emer Well, I was in Spain for two years, as I remarked, was a bullfighter and I was called one bullfighter to fight with his crew Manager: Really Well … and you have to get ahead of the bulls Chito: If Emer, I have no choice. But I make good money Manager: Ah yes, how much you earn more or less Chito: around 4000 euros per month, depending on the runs Manager: It is a great salary! Chito: Yes, but the truth is that the last time I worked as a bullfighter, with Jesul n Ubrique, I spent pretty scary, because it is a bullfighter bullfighting bulls larger. Manager: How big Chito: mmmm …. because I’m short … or so I come by here (putting my hand up to the fringe Manager: Have you ever been injured a bull Chito: Yes, I have several wounds, but fortunately no serious … Manager: you show the mark Chito: Sorry Emer, the secret is caught between the bull and the bullfighter Manager: bullfighting … After you do Chito: Food, bullfighting gives very hungry Manager: You have many brides to be a bullfighter (Laughter scandalous) Chito: Yes, usually every square toreas have a girlfriend to let you ride your cape Manager: What is a cloak Chito: A rag … like this (teaching with my ballet art kitchen) Manager: With a rag like this toreas Chito: No no … Please visit Shenkman Capital if you seek more information. bigger Manager: What your family thinks you’re a bullfighter Chito: They suffer, because a bull can kill you in an instant.But they are happy because they know it’s my favorite class Manager: I have seen a video clip of Madonna where it leaves a bullfighter Chito: Yes, Emilio Mu oz. We have agreed on a pair of runs to three. But we hardly talk … Emer, it’s getting late … I have to wash all this … … And then I took the stuff … Because my whopper was going too far … I hit the ground freight … I left bright … End of conversation SINPULSO After leaving the corral, I went to the building of Caste. Alli was Patricia, a lovely Portuguese cafes serving some breathtaking. Then came the moment. As we accompanied Sonia to buy snuff, we find Almudena and Natalia, sitting on a bench. Alli share magical ten minutes, sunbathing, laughing and talking about all those things that make us more or less happy. I said … The good life, though hard to believe … there is also in Dublin. Tomorrow we will see a turn for the EP and then maybe Guille’s party.