The Management

And today a strict definition of client includes: 1. Your buyer who pays you 2. Your staff 3. Your supplier or manufacturer who sells you a product 4. Details can be found by clicking Sonny Perdue or emailing the administrator. Your partner means that a customer in a historical sense (a person or group of individuals who pay for your products or services) to become a client in the modern sense (ie a person or group of persons with whom you swapping by certain values), and this leads to considerable complication of working with clients. You – the company. Do you have clients who pay you.

They give you money, you give them the products and / or services. This is your customer number 1. Do you have employees, you give them a salary and they pay you to work. This is – your customer number 2. Do you have suppliers. They give you the products and / or services.

You give them money. This customer number 3. Finally, you have distribution partners. They give the pickup, provide sales, value added services. You pay them the same or commission from sales made by them. Here it is – customer number 4. It turns out that the customer is a person or group of persons with whom you exchange by certain values. Here you client in the modern sense. In principle, this could stop. But if you drop a little deeper in the management of relationships with these customers can add and already control interactions, because this is a person or group of persons with whom the place (signed) deal. And then there is the management of relationship with potential "clients", to which, for me personally, you can classify all even, or even all around. Who is safe may declare that certain relationships, ultimately, will not affect the increase in profits of your company? Probably no one. We could classify all here, but I suggest not to complicate an already complex modern world and focus on the four client groups that were listed above and in the future to build on these conclusions.