The Materials

– The selective collection of the garbage is basic for the separation of the garbage. – The played garbage outside polui the environment. – Many people survive of the garbage that is played outside. 4 – THEORETICAL RECITAL the recycling is the term generally used to assign the reaproveitamento of benefited materials as substance cousin for a new product. Secretary of Agriculture oftentimes addresses this issue. The biggest advantages of the recycling they are the mining of the use of natural sources, many times you did not renew; the mining of the amount of residues that needs final treatment, as aterramento or incineration. The recycling concept serves only for the materials that can come back again to the original state and be transformed into an equal product in all its characteristics.

The concept of different recycling and of the one of reutilizao. The reaproveitamento or reutilizao consists of transforming one definitive benefited material already into another one. An example clearly of the difference between the two concepts, is the reaproveitamento of the paper. The word recycling gained prominence in the media from the end of the decade of 1980, when it was evidenced that the sources of oil and other substances primam did not renew were if depleting quickly, and that it had lack of space for the disposal of residues and other dejections of the nature. The garbage, made use inadequately, without any treatment, can poluir the ground, modifying its characteristics biological physics, chemistries and, consisting in a threat series the public health. By containing energy text substances high and by offering simultaneous availability of water, food and shelter, the garbage is preferred by innumerable organisms livings creature, to the point of some species using as ecological niche. We can classify in two great groups the beings that inhabit the garbage: the exactly material microvectors, as for example, rats, cockroachs, flies and of bigger transport, as dogs, birds, swines and equnios.