The Nokian

Quick Lane change and Moose test indicate the borders and comply with the overtaking and dodging. Nokian WR G2 is the best of all winter tires in the ADAC test on ice ice and icy roads are very dangerous. Ice is formed not only at extremely low temperatures. Surprisingly, in Germany, Frost can occur on bridges. Often, secondary roads are iced up, not equal to, or not so often are scattered. As a Nordic specialist Nokian Tyres extensive know-how in the development of winter tires, the sure Frost and icy ground drive. North of the Arctic circle in the 700-acre own test center in Ivalo, the hard ice and snow attempts take place for six months. “The very high cost of tests on black ice in Northern Finland pays off: on ice is the Nokian WR G 2 of the best of all winter tires in the ADAC-test and receives the note well”.

The Finns to determine the adhesion of winter tires on ice when braking and accelerating on a vast frozen lake. “The result of the ADAC tests in the discipline of ice braking”: best touch for the Nokian WR G2 before all other test candidates. The ice handling test measures the maximum grip in the tires in turns and a long straight. The measurement results and the findings of the test rider are crucial in assessing the winter tires. The side grip on ice is determined on a circular orbit. “The Nokian ice reached the best touch of all in the ADAC-test the criteria guide”. The riders on a 2300-metre handling track evaluate the directional stability on ice. Nokian slush-aquaplaning test improve the adherence of the winter tyres also when slush winter tires must provide great security in that slush is a frequent risk and is more often than snow on our streets in the German climate. Slush aquaplaning is most dangerous more dangerous than hydroplaning on wet.