The Partner

Due the quality of potential partner proposals is already filtered by this action. Matching that fits so we imagine no man, the although corresponds to your own search criteria from the search criteria you but fall out, pay attention we targeted with the partner computer group mediation that the information from you two are compatible. Examples of the following example partner happiness: Lara is 25 years and looking for a man between 28 and 41 years. Marc is 34 years and meets Lara’s desired age. He presented only Lara as a partner, if he finds a partner desire in Lara’s age.

Marc here looking for a woman between 20 and 35 years, as an example, he comes as a potential partner for Lara in question. He’s looking for a woman aged 29 to 39, but he leaves already as a partner suggestion for Lara out. After we have considered the search criteria you specified in the first paragraph in finding after a suitable people, we look at the second point, which the members who qualify as potential partners for you, harmonize well with you. At this point comes the special method of partner merges of the partner computer group, the scientific personality test, in the game. Point 2: the partner computer group personality test which well-known psychologists and relationship researchers developed questionnaire takes into account a variety of personal characteristics, needs and desires, which are for a long-term, partnership and alignment of very important significance in close cooperation. With a hundred questions of the extensive questionnaire, we analyze the ten most important facets of your personality and create a personality profile. By we match your personal profile with the information of thousands of other people, has succeeded in us, just partners proposals to determine which fit perfectly to your own personality. Here it comes us incidentally never to introduce you the clients who have answered all questions just like you.