The Pedagogical

It is not fixed forms but if a way in becoming, in the process, a form you are looking for. Key example can be that the blade has a form, but not fixed because it had a process to form. Bildunf is also a work of art for the Greeks. EPA and DHA may not feel the same. An art of life. The characteristic of the artist, is a production and training faculty. Therefore in our modern society, form children is not following rules, if not help them love their own autonomy.

There is talk of consistency which makes a link between theory and practice. Evaluate is not form. We must lose time in terms to help you meditate, take and build his own life; form and find new ways. Ethical and moral is that the teacher to reflect on the following questions in his pedagogical work: how to provide a good pedagogy? , Would that be a good training?; Do I use a suitable method for the learning process of my? students? As it was my relationship with my students? I was fair with my students? I took into account the contributions of each one? Concluding invite teachers they internalize that pedagogy is ethics, since it leads to the reflection of acts and permanent questions about the pedagogical practices and follow the following approaches: take the educational Act at the level of ethics take school as a pleasure clarify that the order of society is the policy, and the order of knowledge is pedagogy. The policy has to be subordinate to the pedagogy and not pedagogy to the policy, as you currently manifested in the whole world. The company is made by the school and not the school society. Reflect good image in society insist on good values take an attitude criticizes and never forget it may be otherwise. Take the pedagogy as a path that has no limits question above our acts, is a requirement to provide good training. Original author and source of the article.