The Philosopher

By | February 27, 2016

From its universal purpose witnessed the ancient Greeks including, thanks to its universal purpose are born beautiful arts and sciences, as we said the Greeks bore witness to the signs and for seasons and for days and years. The philosopher Plato in his book of laws confirms what people have not ignored and is the great purpose of the heavenly lights the sun and moon. The first projector the second light reflector. Which according to the physical travel to three hundred thousand miles on second, claiming that if a body had that speed, would circle the earth 7.5 in a second. God is not an object and if a being who can take that number of turns in a second even less time for that is also light. illustrate what Plato said in his work on of the subject before us. "God first, has instilled in us the intelligence required to conceive what it shows, then we have shown and still shows various objects, among which none more beautiful than the sight of the day, the appearance of the day man passes the night, he presents a completely different picture, and having constantly in mind the revolution successive days and nights, the sky continues to teach men what is one and what are two until the most stupid enough to have been apprehended, that the same number of days and nights teaches each one of us who are three, four, and many, also one of the heavenly bodies, that God is the moon formed career which soon became so larger as smaller, constantly shows us a new kind of day for the space of fifteen days and fifteen nights, such is the measure of its revolution, if you want to join all parties to form them into a circle, so that the most stupid of animals to whom God endowed with the power to apprehend, conceived at last what is the number up here and while only try to consider each issue separately, any animal that has intelligence necessarily be skilled in this science. . .

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