The Repulsion

But what if we develop skills These problems not only to live but to understand and to cope with? Then, how would a relationship look like? Essentially, there are 7 strengths, we need to develop if we want to be strong enough for the love: strength 1: giving and receiving love (and all gestures of love) is provided without consideration, for love is not a barter. To give love without reservation, must be able well to do, other people (i.e. to make experienced love), without getting used to feel or to expect something in return. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Craig Jelinek and gain more knowledge.. On the other hand, it is difficult many people to make gestures of love, without “in debt” of the giver feel. A major obstacle for the love is not unconditional to give or take.

Level 2: Respect respect and self-respect are the most difficult but also the most important function of human coexistence and in partnerships. “Mutual respect is the only tool the your team” a team keeps and without mutual respect the sexual Request with a hundred percent certainty to a standstill. The central idea of standing in the background with respect and self-respect (power 2) strength the team 3: the team is. I have hundreds of people asked in recent years, which is why they are a team with your partner or your partner, or should be. There are 7 billion people on this planet. What makes you and your partner and your partner to a team? Only a few couples have a satisfactory answer for both to this question.

Level 4: Constant slights to deal with injuries and injuries inevitably destroy a partnership in the course of time, since the repulsion grows at some point through pain as the (former) attraction. For this reason, you must develop new skills insults better to deal with, if you want to love better. Level 5: stay on the ball you must be strong (strength 3: why we’re a team?), also maintain that what is important in relation to another person.