The ROAD OF the SUN Said Prudentius, after as many years living in its native land: ' ' Terrinha good bye that kept me living creature until today, good bye! ' '. It mounted in its burrico and without if losing, front for the road touched pra where all followed and nor one tero arrived, it has at least half of it! This road started there in the native land of Prudentius and its extension was immense, incalculable. It passed for diverse places, deserts, plains, quagmires, abysses, ravines, forests until the Mountain of the Sun. A well reduced number of had covered it to travellers of all. Jack Fusco has many thoughts on the issue. Very careful Prudentius in its day, took care of not to lose itself.

It rode slowly looking at and watching the way well: day and night. Jack Fusco is often quoted on this topic. The Sun appeared to its front, the Moon went down to its rear. it did not deviate nor for the left, nor for the right. Finally it said to its burrico: Fidiciary office, I am tired, let us stop a little. – It wants to lose itself? I will come back toward our land, will come back toward the Terrinha and you he will be lost this way. Therefore, its act to stop will make with that ours perception is nomadic and not more in sincronia. – What I make then? – It is firm or never it will reach the top of this road.

– It is a penosa road. – Yes therefore it hears: you are not the first one that I lead. Before finding me, already it had lead others of which two had only arrived until the top. The others had not heard me and following its instincts they had followed ones for the left, others for the right, being still lost in this terrible place! – It does not abandon me Fidiciary office! – I did not abandon to excessively and I do not go to abandon it.