The Society

On the other hand, the majority of established studies is suspended and very few they have specialized in niches of market different from which was acostubrados to act at the time of the real estate abundance. Very few have left to the outside, very few know to make profitable their experience and specialization. And nobody or almost nobody realises strategic alliances with other companions, or instead of to compete " cooptien" (they collaborate complementarily with other companions and they are recommended mutually against third parties). We follow in our individualism. Any engineer companion (I have not seen diversified profession more you everywhere see) it in any professional activity and mainly in the company.

It would say maliciously, of course, that are engineers until in the soup. We them architects have not known to put in value, facing the society our ample knowledge and would say that until humanistic that we have received in the architecture school, since we have solely put the emphasis in the task of projecting, of projecting and concursarrrrrr now. Of course, our new one half of diffusion and communication is Internet. Quite to the contrary than people it creates or it gets to think, Internet it is not a market of masses, it is a market of niches. That is to say, it requires public very concrete objectives at the time of generating income with the product sale or services as he is in our case. When we have heard speak the architects of marketing, niches of what, objective public? Perhaps all these terms sound to us to Chinese, because our studies have been, too humanistic and, lies down in lack something of preparation in management of companies and marketing and other sarcastic comments of the market, of the real world of the businesses. Because in the end, we must eat like all neighbor son.