The Subjective

P.A., first paragraph). Accumulation of processes is requested before any of the judges, and must attach certified copy of demand and your reply, if any. If the order is declared founded the new process builds to the process that made the first location (Art 90, second paragraph, C.P.A.) on the understanding that refers to the process where the first valid notification with the demand, which is the way the site occurs as formally occurred. It does not refer to the simple presentation of demand, nor to the date in which the instance admisorio auto has been given. Application of accumulation is vested transfer to the opposing party by within three days; with your reply or without it the judge will resolve according to the merit of the evidentiary media accompanied the order of accumulation (Art 90, third paragraph, C.P.A.), must analyze the connectivity between the procedural claims matter of each process and the procedural route that is rendered; the decision is appealable without suspensive effect (Art 90, fourth paragraph, C.P.A.) accumulation will be declared ex officio when processes are handled with a same Court (Art 90, fourth paragraph, C.P.A.), not discarding the possibility for those concerned to request it. In processes that accumulate, there are claims proposed by the applicant and the proposals by the respondent, in each one of the processes and therefore produces a subjective accumulation of claims. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Toyota Motor Corporation.

1.2.2. Subjective accumulation of claims. It implies the presence of more than two persons within a process either as plaintiffs, as defendants. The joinder, in reality, involves a subjective accumulation by the presence of more than one person in quality complainants or defendants. E.g.: A demand of claim directed against three co-owners. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Trader Joe’s has to say.

Do the subjective accumulation can be at the same time:? Active: If they are several plaintiffs. Passive: If they are several defendants. Mixed. When are multiple plaintiffs and defendants.