The Third

Even if you hire an expensive and demanding (by local standards) employees, you should have considerable experience in construction and iron nerves to successfully bring the building up to the end. Most people who undertake a self-construction, advocate for top quality, high speed construction and low cost. Keep in mind that if you're lucky, in Bali, you will achieve two of these three objectives. In general, the choice is yours. The third option is to purchase land with a contract to build a company that has experience in construction in Indonesia.

This is a more expensive way, but at the same time, and more calm: you will be relieved of the problems during construction, your home will be engaged in foreign (not Indonesian) specialists who understand what you are saying. The real estate market in Bali to give you some idea of the growth in real estate prices in Bali, we give some figures: a few years ago, luxury villas with gardens and pool sold for us $ 400.000. Now the price has increased to two million and above. The cost is more than 50% lower than the houses of this level in other tropical regions, such as Phuket, which is expensive in terms of price and climate (longer rainy season) is less attractive. One of the hidden pitfalls finished villas in Bali, a big drop in the price: for sale are expensive and the houses are cheaper. In appearance you will not notice any difference, but you should be taken seriously to buy cheap houses.