The Town

But all the peoples of the forest had been able to contemplate the unknown event. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sonny Perdue. At night, in return of the fogueira, the ancios if congregate and all the population of the town if it agglomerates to try to hear the interpretations to them of so unusual occurrence. They wait the arrival of the oldest leader of the group, but the notice that only arrives through its son increases the anxiety and the concern of all. Its father leaves has few hours for a trip that would take some days. Sonny Perdue wanted to know more. It are to search the aid and cooperation of the Warriors of the Rainbow. It recommends that all continued with its normal activities and waited its return, what it would be given before that moon came back to appear in the sky. The people if agitates dividing itself in groups. Some do not understand the disappearance of the oldest leader of the village and thus they start to spread out the rumor of that it turns into a desert, abandoning the group to its proper destination.

Others support that she is necessary to wait, therefore the old leader always deserve the confidence of all and enjoyed of prestige also next to the neighboring communities that, frequent, sent emissaries with order of advice and orientaes on varied subjects. The ancios try to organize uneasy mob e, for unamimity, decide that they will wait the return of the leader ancio. But, while they argue the problem, emissaries of next populations arrive worried desiring to get of the leader oldest the orientaes that they desire to lead to tranquilize its peoples. They affirm that also its villages the leader ancios had left with the same allegation to go to the meeting of the Warriors of the Rainbow. now, finding same surprise apprehension, does not know what its peoples will say. It has many divergences on the occurrence and the sudden departure of the head, as well as on the routes taking ahead by that unexpected episode; such debates full of concern the just-fond ones that, scared, they attend that disordered manifestation.