The Transaction

This will also guarantee that your physical and mental energy – at peak levels. Psychological research Muraven offers an interesting twist in the dynamics of self-control that is especially suited for trading. Inducing stimuli, such as profit, which traders get from winning the deal, can have a powerful effect on the ability to maintain self-control. When incentives maloznachaschi, harder for people to keep working. For example, when participants in the laboratory promised a small reward after the completion of various tasks that require self-control they feel tired and squeezed, they eventually got tired so that subsequent tasks are undisciplined. Participants who were promised a great reward for the preservation of discipline, in contrast, is much easier to maintain composure. They seemed to think: 'I'm tired, I want to unwind and relax, but the incentives high enough, we must also do some work.

" You can see how important it is to trade. If a trader makes a transaction for the transaction, based on detailed terms of trade, but does not receive sufficient income, he will difficult to maintain discipline on subsequent transactions. The trader may think: 'Stop. I wasted followed his plan to trade more free. " In moments of exhaustion, people often relinquish plans to trade away. The second interesting observation concerns how fatigue affects the perception of reward. When the participants tired as a result of the completion of tasks requiring self-control, it was difficult to correctly assess the incentives.

They underestimated the rewards and incentives so they are less than inspired. These studies show how fatigue and motives affect the ability to maintain self-control. When the trader gets tired after a series of transactions, it will be difficult to maintain discipline. In addition, when fatigue is reduced value of the potential rewards that can be achieved if the control oneself. Thus, in your best interest to accumulate so much mental energy as soon as possible. If you have a lot of energy, you will be able to better assess the potential profits that receive maintaining discipline. And if the focus of activity is the potential profit, it can act as a powerful incentive. You will maintain discipline even when starting out a little bit tired. Do not underestimate the impact of the psychological processes that can help you maintain discipline. Make sure you are fully rested and full of energy before the start of the trading day. The more energy will be at your disposal, the easier it will maintain self-control needed to follow the trading plan and consistently make a profit