The Writing

If it is possible to cause that it signs the head of the department or the employee who are provided the information. According to Go’mez Rondn, Francisco. (1995): The expert analyst will adopt his own method in the preparation of the flow charts or flow chart, next they are observed some you rule: a. To specify the objective of the flow chart or flow chart. b.

To happen of the well-known to the stranger. That is to say, to identify the subsystems that, according to are known, had to appear and to develop those that they are related to them. c. To use symbols authorized and of a group, that is a plastic device with the trimmed symbols. d. To begin to construct to the flow chart or flow chart in the part superior of each page; they must go of above downwards or left to right.

e. Each page must have headed that identifies clearly the project, the graph, shoots with an arrow (of revision, it there is if), the author and the number of pages. f. When the flow lines are numerous in complex diagrams, to use connectors to reduce its number. g. To establish the level in which to the flow charts or flow charts are going to be constructed. h. To reunite the input streams, so that the flow lines that appear entering a symbol are less possible, the same will take control of the lines that leave. i. To write in the symbols, being used the smaller possible number of words. To all this alunas is added recommendations for the use and application of the flow charts? 1. The writing of the content of operation symbol must be realised with brief and simple phrases? 2. To avoid to use abbreviations writing down the complete name of the administrative units. 3. The document symbol must contain the original name of the form that is used. 4. The connector symbol can be alphabetical or numerical, but it must agree in the entrance connectors and exit, when a great amount of connectors exists, is advisable to add a color to the symbol. 5. It must be realised of clean form and ordinate. 6. to realise them in the form of rough draft at the outset, without using groups. Notes of management of processes, virtual classroom. Program postgraduate, Management of the Quality and productivity, UC. (2009) Original author and source of article.