This You

Who can say that we have confidence on our intuition? Why wrestle we with us, whether we should or not would rather trust the redirect recommendation of our Navis. We have doubts, then they come from our subconscious. We trust them and act accordingly. Who can do it better with us? Define a wish list of targets. Look in all areas of life alike. You distinguish quiet after material things (E.g. House) and intangible, such as E.g. happy partnership.

Think this in itself and not the neighbors or any idols. Write down the things. Put the piece of paper to the side and watch hours again later on it! Just to see things? For all the items on your list you must be able, to introduce this target pictorial. Nice, if you feel feelings here, you remember them. Example: You have the point “…”want to be healthy”as a target defined. You can start little. This You will never achieve, because the concrete aspect is lacking here. Think further about it and perhaps come on mobility or condition.

“..I can be xy to date… Educate yourself with thoughts from Jack Fusco. the exercise”or”…laufe the 10 kilometers in under 1 hour until the date “. See the difference. Note: Write down all targets! It’s so easy that it usually simply not made. If you have your list and get many goals then start with few. Prioritize you! Look at the list and imagine you had reached a target of them. How would you feel. Ascend emotions in you? Can you imagine, for the achieving of this objective your life a little small to fit? Burns the fire of passion in you? Without that passion, it remains with security in a “nice-to-have” point, but not in a real target. Think of the little boy who collects everything with passion and can tell every detail of his favorite team. He has the passion for his team and about what he This does, it’s fun.