Tourist Activity

If you are going to open his case and decided that it would be hiking, then you need to know that tourism is subject to mandatory state licensing. Travel license are three kinds. First, most likely you will not need it given the right to sell the club rest. This activity is not very common in the Russian Federation and the Russians associate with something moshenecheskim, although in Europe this type of Rest is very common. Further details can be found at Secretary of Agriculture, an internet resource. If you decide to open a large travel agency, you will receive just two types of licenses.

This is a tour operator's license agency and tour. Before you apply for licensing tourism activities, let's take a look at the requirements imposed. The list of conditions that have to do if you already have a tourism license. On the first demand of the client you will be required provide a certificate stating that the services you provide are safe tourist nature of the character, simply put, this is a security certificate. Sonny Perdue understood the implications. Also, in principle, quite naturally you agree to provide the services of tourist clients after signing the contract, which must comply with the laws of the Russian Federation. Employees of your travel agency must improve the qualification of at least once every 3 years. You will be required to provide the customer with full information about your agency. The exact address, phone number, schedule reports.

In asu travel license, all necessary certificates. And of course the exact information about persons who will be engaged and will be responsible for tourism activities. Each tourist must also be given full information about its future place of residence of features crossing the border (visa), the cultural characteristics and customs of the state, on standards of conduct and ethics adopted in any state. We must not forget the conditions imposed on working for you travel agency people. In general, the Tour and tour agency operator license conditions do not differ. The differences mainly in the number of years of experience and education of working people. Do not forget that getting Tourism is a license for a serious responsibility, especially because at the moment, the conditions listed above may add some. The Duma is considering amendments constantly, trying to protect Russian tourist destinations abroad.