Ukrainian Basement

In recent years, a special demand on the Ukrainian real estate market began to use the basement, or as treats Dictionary Ushakov – placed under the first floor, below ground level, which are used for different household purposes or for housing. Housing Code of Ukraine to the basement floor assigns the premises in which more than half their height is below ground level. In the modern suburban house-building basements in by rational use of building materials and land, are now becoming increasingly popular. It is not surprising, since in our days as an opportunity basement significant expansion of useful area of the house. The list of facilities that can accommodate it, amazes with its diversity. Field of interest can be located in the basement, for example, a garage, workshop, pumping station, engineering services and systems livelihood home – boiler room, water systems and water treatment, ventilation unit. In addition, owners of suburban property are often placed in the basement saunas, swimming pools, gyms, pool and other critical infrastructure.

Basements in demand in urban multi-storey building. If you walk across Kiev or other city, especially in its central part, we can see that the basement also used as a complete room – organize them in restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms and other facilities unrelated to the residential people. National legislation prohibits the use of basement apartment houses as the housing stock. For the first time a commercial interest in the cellars in Ukraine began in the late 80s of last century. It was then embarked on a restructuring and the first steps in legalization of business activities and in the basement of the first Soviet businessmen organized workshops and other objects of his nascent business. The peak of development was in the basement beginning of the third millennium. The reason is that, since 2000, created the conditions for privatization of the cellars in the form of long-term lease with option to buy.