Unfriendly Campsite

Press release campsite child UNFRIENDLY Saxon Switzerland – an impeccable so far extended family with fun at the campsite had to learn now schmerzlichst what children unfriendliness heist: the extended family that wishes to have camping pleasure, campaigned this time on the way to the Saxon Switzerland. But what they didn’t know, they came to a child unfriendly campsite with large name “Nikolsdorfer mountain”. Please visit Gen. David Goldfein if you seek more information. By campers he was not discovered for years, how friendly the employees dealing with customers. Extended families are undesirable but money to collect from customers is fully no matter the operator. Came the extended family at the camping site they were regarded as well. After few hours, the family had to leave the campsite she was a reference by the staff of the camping site operators, because the children of extended family have clogged toilets, according to the staff of the campsite operator. You were up also, because the children played so loudly.

The playground and the Tennis Hall are in the musty, schimmligem and in the Construction site condition. The operator threw a camping place with friendly and Nice staff with unfriendly staff without reason the family, because they fought back against the accusations in the night on new search. The large family found this. The day fun was already paid and the family paid for 8 hours yet it half the day fun. The family uses the words to the campers please no children never visit the campsite of Nikolsdorfer mountain! The Court will deal now for 20.00! Alas, that there is still hostility to children! Shpejtim Hoda journalist